Terex Positrack Loaders are the only machine of their kind in Australia

Melbourne Tractors and its other branches including BrisVegas Machinery and Ballarat Tractors are a major dealer of Terex Positrack Loaders. Our group of branches first became the dealer of the compact loaders when they were ASV in 2000 and continue to sell these one of a kind machine under the Terex brand name.


 The Terex Positrack Loaders are a class above the competitor track loader models and feature:

  • Posi-Track™ low ground pressure suspension/undercarriage system
  • Multi tier suspension
  • Best in class ground clearance
  • Ergonomic cab design


Perfect for all types of conditions found in the Australian landscape. The models available include:

ModelEngine Power (hp@rpm)Weight (kg)Rated operating capacity 50% (kg)Ground Pressure (kPa)Brochure
PT30 33.7@2800 1633 431 20.7 PT30 Brochure
PT50 60@2800 2812 862 24.1 PT50 Brochure
PT60 60@2800 2880 862 24.7 PT60 Brochure
R265T   74@2800  4163  1721 24.8 R265T Brochure
PT100G 99.9@2200 5123 1814 31 PT100G Brochure
PT100G Forestry 99.9@2200 5432 1814 31 PT100G Forestry Brochure
PT110 111@2200 5035 1821 29 PT110 Brochure

PT110 Forestry 111@2200 5488 1950 29 PT110 Forestry Brochure


For more information visit the Terex website.