New Holland EZ-Steer Assisted Guidance

GPS & Autosteers

The New Holland EZ-Steer Assisted Guidance system, is the world’s simplest portable hands-free farming system. Suitable for almost all vehicle models, old and new, the EZ steer turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a motor. It will keep you completely online on rolling land, ditches, waterways and terraces making it easier for the user to focus on the job at hand. Whether you are using a sprayer, planter or any other application, you can rely on the EX steer.


The EZ-steer controller will send electrical signals to the EZ-steer motor and convert them to precise commands that the vehicles steering system uses to keep the vehicle on track. It can calculate the difference between the GPS antenna’s location and the desired working position of the vehicle. However, at any time the operator can take back control of the vehicle with a slight turn of the steering wheel.


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