Hammers & Breakers

The MSB MS55AT hammer is suitable for carriers and excavators from 50 to 75 tonne. The impact rate of this hammer is 300 to 400 beats per minute, with a working weight of 5500kg. 

The oil flow of the hammer is 250-305 litres per minute and operating pressure is 130 to 150 bar. 


The MS55AT hammer can be utitlised for large demolitions, quarrying jobs and is a popular option for tunneling projects. This breaker can be fitted to most makes and models of excavators and carriers and is a popular model for owners and operators of Kobelco excavators.


The features include:

  • Unique cylinder design increasing the hammer durability
  • Auto greasing
  • Reinforced noise suppression housing
  • Innovative oil flow control valve system


On purchase of this hammer you will also receive a set of hoses, two wedge type chisels, a manual and tool box. You will also receive a 2 year hammer factory warranty and will be provided with continuous technical support from our team of technicians. It is recommended to have your hammer serviced and maintained with our team of technicians as well.


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MSB MS 55AT hammer specs


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