Auger Torque Augers


Auger Torque have augers to suit every ground condition from their S2 Range which is specifically designed for micro excavators and small machines up to 1 Tonne. The Auger Torque S2 range use Auger Torque Earth teeth and pilots with the unique Shock Lock Tooth locking system. The S4 range are suited for Mini loaders, skid steer loaders and Excavators up to 5 tonne machines. The S4 Range augers are ideal for soft grounds all the way to mixed rocky grounds and even permafrost. 

The S5 range and S6 range are specifically designed for high flow skid steer loaders, tele handlers, Truck Cranes, Backhoes and Excavators up to 8 tonne for S5 and 20 Tonne machinery for the S6 range. 

Auger Torque then have the PA range which are designed for use on Construction excavators between 17 tonne and 45 tonne. This range is the most heavy duty series manufactured by Auger Torque. 

For more information on any of the Auger Torque Augers or other attachments manufactured by Auger Torque please get in contact with our team today 


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